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The Food Technology services (FTS) of the DOA embarked on a sensitization campaign to selected communities in the North Bank and Central River Regions of the Gambia. The sensitization is part of P2Rs project objectives to eradicate protein malnutrition deficiency among children especially those above 6 months of age. This sensitization took off following a validation of their training manual recently developed by the unit.

Places visited in the NBR were Nema Kunku in Nuimi and Jokadu Bakang. The programs were attended by lactating and pregnant mothers the facilitation of hospital staff.

The deputy director Food Technology Services Mr. seedy Fofana stated the aim of the Nema P2Rs project, adding that, the purpose of the visit is to sensitize them on the preparation of healthy diets for babies using our locally produced cereals and legumes using beans and coos. This, Mr. Fofana said prevents early spoilage. He further told them that exclusive breast feeding is recommended in the first 6 months of birth. However, after 6 months infants need extra complementary foods to facilitate their growth. Cereals when eaten enhance fast growth and thus, it is highly recommended to use cereals and legumes for babies’ diet. This provides them with energy and make them active, the Deputy Director said.

Dado Jawo an officer at FTS buttressed the issue of cleanliness by the mothers in the preparation of foods. She urged them to be steadfast in making sure they remove all unwanted materials especially in beans before heating and milling.

Mrs. Ma Tida Darboe of FTS taught mothers steps involved in the cooking of the food.

Public Health Officer John Mendy commended the Food Technology Services for the good move. He urged the women to make good use of the practical by feeding their children with what he called a cheap source of food. He urged the FTS to plan for a formal training in future saying that, the sensitization is important especially for the upcoming rainy season when access to food is difficult especially in the village.

Similar exercises were conducted in Bakang Jokadu, and Jailan-Bakadagi health center in Central River Region North (CRR/N)


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