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Workshop on Support Project to the regional Plan for Fruit flies Monitoring and Control in The Gambia

Workshop on Support Project to the regional Plan for Fruit flies Monitoring and Control in The Gambia

The Plant Protection Services, Department of Agriculture in collaboration with

Economic Commission of West African (ECOWAS) Mango Fruit Fly Project recently commenced a four day workshop at the Paradise Suite Hotel in Bijilo. The aim is to contribute to the regional plan for fruit fly monitoring and control in The Islamic Republic of The Gambia.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Assan Jallow in opening the workshop on behalf of the Permanent Secretary, briefed the participants on the purpose of the workshop which is geared towards orienting the participants on the main activities which include Surveillance and control. He gave a brief history of the presence of fruit flies in The Gambia which dates back in 2004 in Pakalinding and since then being on the increase. This he pointed out calls for urgent action to protect our Mango industry which will contribute to the attainment of food security of the country and consumer health.

The ECOWAS representative Dr. Kemo Badjie thanked the Gambia National committee for making the fruit fly control project a reality in the Gambia despite the challenges faced at the beginning. Adding that, this initiative was formulated in Bamako July 2008 where ECOWAS States met to dilate on the issue of fruit flies and ways to control it by adopting a common plan for the regions.

He further stated that four results are expected from the project and the strategies required countries to develop a multi-year plan on monitoring and control with support from the project coordination unit (PCU). This he said would provide a coherent vision of the long term action plan and better management of the fruit flies in The Islamic Republic of The Gambia.

The Director General of Agriculture Mr. Falalo Touray in giving his statement, complements the effort of the FAO for sphere heading the fight against fruit flies. He further pointed out that strategies, plans, objectives and expected results have been laid down geared towards controlling fruit flies in the country. He concluded by encouraging Sub-regional collaboration to fight against the menace of fruit flies especially in the Southern Senegalese Region of Cassamance.

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