Communication Education & Extension Services (CEES)

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors that plays crucial role in the socio-economic
development of The Gambia. It is estimated that the sector provides almost 54% of the country’s
total export earnings. The Gambia is an agrarian country with 80 percent of the population of
just over 2 million relying on agriculture for its food and cash income. In The Gambia, it is the
Department of Agriculture that is mandated to implement agricultural programmes and provide
best agricultural technical knowledge to farmers in order to significantly boost production and
productivity thereby making the realization of food self-sufficiency reality.

The Agriculture Communication Unit as a vibrant unit under the Ministry of Agriculture with the
mandate of providing Audio-visual and written activities of programs undertaken by Department and
projects under the Ministry of Agriculture. The role of the unit is diverse including the publication of the
famous Senelaa’’ Magazine, the Agric film shows and the publication of booklets on various field crops.
Due to advancement in technologies, the Unit is recognized for its film unit that has been covering
programs undertaken at field level, workshops on Agriculture and other agricultural shows. This

programs have been aired on our weekly TV/slot on GRTS and now on QTV. The unit has also been
instrumental in providing documentaries for ongoing projects as well as on those that has phased out to
enlighten about what transpires before. Short documentaries have been provided for projects like the
GCAV who used it for donor review. Recently the Unit has been sharing monthly reports on activities
undertaken by the Agriculture sector which is copied to all stakeholders via Electronic mail. Most
importantly an archive of all programs covered by the unit are kept for future reference by the Ministry.