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Nationwide Tour on FAW sensitization 24th _29th January, 2018



Following the infestation of the Fall Armyworm in the Gambia last year, the food and agriculture organisation in its quest to promote food security took it upon themselves to come up with an emergency fund TCP in complementing the efforts of government through the ministry of Agriculture to control the spread of the fall armyworm.


This started with setting up a task force committee comprising of NARI and the plant protection services. A three day training of extension staff followed suit at the paradise suits hotel funded by the Fao and coordinated by the plant protection services of the Department of Agriculture.


A six day countrywide tour is recently organised with funding from the Fao in collaboration with NARI, Plant Protection Services and the Department of Agriculture. It commenced on the 24th of January in the North Bank Region. The team targets lumo days in communities which attracts farmers within that region which would enhance the quick dissemination of the information to other areas.


The purpose of the sensitization is to raise awareness to farmers across the country on the FAW, it’s mode of prevention as well as distribute posters and leaflets which have clear descriptions of the insect, its biology and control measures.