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Hall Revitalization ARFTC Farmers Improve Living Standards Gambia





Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) Indonesia led by the Indonesian Ambassador to Dakar (Senegal) Mansyur Pangeran, accompanied by Widi Hardjono, Kapuslatan Ministry of Agriculture and the team, made ​​a visit to Jenoi, Gambia, to see firsthand the follow-up of some agricultural training that has been given by Indonesia to the people of West African countries, especially the Gambia. The visit took place from 22 to 25 July 2016.  Indonesia on July 14, 1998 has built Training Center of Agriculture Agricultural Rural Farmers Training Centre (ARFTC) in Jenoi about 180 km or 2.5 hours drive from the capital Banjul, Gambia. Ismaila Sanyang Gambia Agriculture Minister welcomed the visit Monev Indonesia. Sanyang stated ARFTC Hall is a symbol or landmark cooperation relations between Indonesia and Gambia.  The existence Hall ARFTC with a variety of training that has been done has been of great benefit not only to farmers Gambia, but also to farmers from neighboring countries in the West African region. This is because the ARFTC Hall is a regional home for the farmers, and therefore expected to be a Center of Excellence of agriculture in the region. The activities last agricultural training given Indonesia is training International Training Workshop on Agriculture Sector for African Countries, which took place on March 21 to 28 2016 followed by subsequent training in Lembang, West Java on 1 to 12 April 2016, with participants from Madagascar, Gambia, Mozambique, Ghana, Kenya and Ethiopia as well as local participants from the provinces of the eastern region of Indonesia. In addition to establishing agricultural training center building, help Indonesia in Gambia during this time including sending experts and agricultural extension workers, farmers apprenticeship Gambia in Indonesia as well as support equipment and agricultural machinery. Indonesia in 2008, provides assistance 12 hand tractors to Gambia.  On this visit, Monev's not just going to do an evaluation of the program that has been given, but also conduct reviews and observations related to Indonesia's plan to revitalize Hall ARFTC, among others, by renovating buildings her condition was less feasible. Therefore, in the M & E team this time there are also representatives from the Ministry of Public Works will carry out the renovation project. Related ARFTC revitalization efforts, given that, the Government of The Gambia also has government procurement and asset regulation mechanism. Particularly regarding the license will be the responsibility of the Government of Gambia Gambia represented by the Ministry of Agriculture. If needed in determining the contractor to carry out the construction can be done along the Gambia and Indonesia. The submission process and others will always be communicated via the Embassy in Dakar which oversees the country Gambia. Sigit Witjaksono, Head of Africa and Middle East of the Directorate of Technical Cooperation (KST) Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that this renovation is very much needed, because the training centers of agriculture ARFTC that built on an area of 6.6 ha, to date has trained more than 6,000 farmers who come not only from the Gambia, as well as from several countries around among them Senegal, Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry. In addition, the existence of ARFTC hall is also a representation of the earth and the Indonesian presence in West Africa and Sub Saharan Africa. Gambia is agriculture-based countries, which reached 70 percent, so that the agricultural sector into a buffer of other sectors in the country's development. However, because agriculture is not growing, then the country was also underdeveloped so far. There is some agriculture-related conveyed in need, and the potential for areas of cooperation with Indonesia, among others, to increase the productivity of rice as well as value added (increasing value added) of agricultural products , which it is in line with the last training in March 2016, namely the need for food processing and agricultural cultivation techniques. Other areas required is animal husbandry and aquaculture (marine fisheries).During a visit to ARFTC Jenoi, Director of the Center for ARFTC Ansumana Njie accompanied by Director General of Agriculture Falalo Touray, and alumni trainees Gambia expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Indonesia, which has a lot of training and facilitation berkembangan and beneficial ARFTC for Gambia in particular and also neighboring countries in general. This is because it is believed the knowledge and skills acquired through training on how to grow food or gardening simple and also an increase in value-added agricultural products, has been felt very effective and successful in improving the local economy.


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