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Harvestings Fish at the Ndemban Japichum poultry and Aqua-Culture Production Scheme


Harvestings Fish at the Ndemban Japichum poultry and Aqua-Culture Production Scheme

 Family contribution of Family Farming System to the National agricultural food basket has been immense and well noted worldwide. Family farming system contributes greatly to food security and plays important role in the marketing of farm produce.


 The livestock and horticulture Development Project (LHDP) has assisted the Ndemban Japichum Aquaculture Brothers Association headed by Sekou Sanyang in a Poultry Aquaculture production scheme. Sekou Sanyang, a retired sailor who suffered from stroke which has left him partially paralyzed has demonstrated that his disability does not mean

Inability. The sanyang family has been collecting ten crates of eggs weekly from their poultry and has recently harvested their fish from the ponds.  

The harvesting was witness by officials from LHDP, national Nutrition Agency, Fisheries department, Ministry of Agriculture, DoA, ecotourism and a cross section of the Ndemban Japichum Community. 

 Speaking at the ceremony, the Project Director of LHDP gave an overview of the objective of the project in meeting food security and poverty reduction. He said the LHDP has both livestock and Horticulture component. This type of project he continued, could create employment opportunities and enhance the earning capacity of women and youth in the area. Mr. Sanyang phrases the Sanyang Brothers association for their hard work.

 Mr. Alieu Joof, the Livestock Specialist expressed satisfaction with the collaboration between LHDP and the Ndamban Japichum Aquaculture Brothers Association and stress the importance of poultry and fish in our Gambian diet. He said the project is being replicated in the North Bank Region because of the success of this one and recommended the replication of the Poultry/Aquaculture project throughout The Gambia.

Mr. Ousman Jammeh permanent secretary one at the ministry of Agriculture, praised the Sanyang Family for the wonderful work that they have done to create employment opportunities for themselves and the youth of their community. He challenged the youth to maximize efforts by venturing in the agriculture sector as demonstrated by the Ndemban Japichum Sanyang Brothers Association. This he said, is a demonstration of the Family farming System and commercialization of agriculture which is in line with vision 2016 and 2020. He finally handed over the key to Mr. Sekou Sanyang the head of the association symbolizing the completion of LHDP’s support on the integrated Aquaculture and poultry scheme. Permanent secretary Jammeh assured them of government continuous support for there is still room for improvement.




 Isatou Gibba on behalf of her husband Sekou Sanyang and the entire Sanyang Brothers Association thanked the LHDP and through the LHDP the Ministry of Agriculture and the entire government for sponsoring her husband to go overseas and see agricultural projects and help established one like this. With the help of LHDP she said, they now have four ponds and poultry.


Madam Isatou Jarju, the acting Regional Agriculture Director of the west Coast Region, said that LHDP has done a lot for the country adding that we should eat what we grow and grow what we eat as we are ignorant of the preparation of the imported foods. She concluded by phrasing the sanyang Brothers Association and encourage youth of the region to emolliate them. That is the only way The Gambia can attain    food self-sufficiency and reduce hunger and poverty            













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